Georgia Board of Nursing

Georgia Board of Nursing address is 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217, the main phone number is (844) 753-7825 but, you may also use the following direct phone numbers:

Main number: (844) 753-7825
Professional Licensing Boards Division at 404-424-9966
Georgia Board of Examiners for LPN: 478-207-2440

Georgia Board of Nursing Fax Number: (877) 371-5712

What is Georgia Board of Nursing Phone Number?

Georgia Board of Nursing phone number where you can talk to a live person at Georgia Board of Nursing with regards to any nursing related matters is (844) 753-7825

Georgia Board of Nursing Website

Georgia Board of Nursing Address

Here is Georgia Board of Nursing address for either sending official mail or visit Georgia Board of Nursing offices:

Agency: Georgia Board of Nursing
Street: 237 Coliseum Drive
City: Macon
State: Georgia
ZIP Code: 31217

What are the services and information provided by Georgia Board of Nursing?

Georgia Board of Nursing is Georgia state health authority that provides nursing the regulation, services, licenses, and information including:

* Nursing Regulation & Practice Act
* Nursing License (New, Renewal & Transfer)
* Nursing Education Programs
* Complaints
* Nursing Program Approval
* Enforcement
* APRN Nursing Practice Information
* Nursing Practice Act
* Nursing Peer Review
* Center for Nursing Workforce Studies
* Nurse Endorsement Application
* Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
* and more

Georgia Board of Nursing License Lookup

Georgia Board of Nursing License Lookup can be made online on the Georgia Board of Nursing website here:

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Georgia Board of Nursing phone number that is provided on this page is free, but please note that you might be charged by your mobile phone company depending on your contract. This Georgia Board of Nursing phone number will connect you directly with a real person to assist you.

10 Mistakes That Will Get You Before the Board of Nursing

Discover the 10 most common mistakes that nurses make that will get them before the Board of Nursing, mistakes you may not know that might violations of the Nurse Practice Act.

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