Ohio Board of Nursing

Ohio Board of Nursing address is 17 S. High Street, Suite 660, Columbus, Ohio 43215, the main phone number is (614) 466-3947 but, you may also use the following direct phone numbers:

Main number: (614) 466-3947
OH BON: (614) 466-6940
Toll-Free: 1-800-735-0056

Program Manager: (614) 995-3681
General Counsel: (614) 995-4934
Executive Director: (614) 995-3684
Deputy Executive Officer: (614) 969-3829
Finance Manager: (614) 969-3822
Business Office Administrator: (614) 969-3823

Nursing Practice: (614) 969-3837
Sr. Director of Professional Practice: (614) 969-3826
Director of Nursing Practice: (614) 969-3837
Nurse Planner: (614) 969-3807
CE Specialist: (614) 969-3830

Ohio Board of Nursing Fax Number: (614) 466-0388

What is Ohio Board of Nursing Phone Number?

Ohio Board of Nursing phone number where you can talk to a live person at Ohio Board of Nursing with regards to any nursing related matters is (614) 466-3947

Ohio Board of Nursing Website


Ohio Board of Nursing Address

Here is Ohio Board of Nursing address for either sending official mail or visit Ohio Board of Nursing offices:

Agency: Ohio Board of Nursing
Street: 17 S. High Street, Suite 660
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
ZIP Code: 43215

What are the services and information provided by Ohio Board of Nursing?

Ohio Board of Nursing is Ohio state health authority that provides nursing the regulation, services, licenses, and information including:

* Verify a License, Permit, or CE Provider Number
* Nurse Endorsement Application
* Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
* Nursing Education Programs
* Reporting Discipline & Complaints
* Nursing Program Approval
* Enforcement
* Nursing Regulation & Practice Act
* Nursing License (New, Renewal & Transfer)
* APRN Nursing Practice Information
* Nursing Peer Review
* Center for Nursing Workforce Studies
* and more

Ohio Nursing License Lookup

Ohio Nursing License Lookup can be made online on the Ohio Board of Nursing website here:


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10 Mistakes That Will Get You Before the Board of Nursing

Discover the 10 most common mistakes that nurses make that will get them before the Board of Nursing, mistakes you may not know that might violations of the Nurse Practice Act.

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