Board of Nursing

Get information for board of nursing, in each one of the states, including phone number, address, nursing license lookup and more.

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The board of nursing in each state is the health authority that is in-charge to provide regulation, services and information for nursing including:

* Verify a License, Permit, or CE Provider Number.
* Nurse Endorsement Application.
* Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.
* Nursing Education Programs.
* Reporting Discipline & Complaints.
* Nursing Program Approval.
* Enforcement.
* Nursing Regulation & Practice Act.
* Nursing License (New, Renewal & Transfer).
* APRN Nursing Practice Information.
* Nursing Peer Review.
* Center for Nursing Workforce Studies.
* and more.

State Board of Nursing

The state board of nursing directory below includes contacts, phone numbers, addresses, websites and additional information by state:

Board of Registered Nursing

Discover the 10 most common mistakes that nurses make that will get them before the Board of Nursing, mistakes you may not know that might violations of the Nurse Practice Act.

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Board of Nursing

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